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This is the help page for the file player tool, which is part of the KarVCD toolset. This is a general-purpose player for MIDI, KAR and WAVE files, with the capability to synchronously display the lyrics associated with KAR files.

The Player Dialog

The Lyrics Window




The Player Dialog

Let us take a look at the Player fields and buttons:

At the top of the Player dialog there is the File group of controls with the following elements:

®       File type. These two radio buttons let you choose the file to play, either the WAVE file or the MIDI/KAR file selected in the main window.

®       File name. This field shows the file to play.

®       Browse. This button lets you load a file to play.

Bellow the File group there is the Show lyrics group with three radio buttons. These let you choose the type of lyrics window to show while the file is being played.

Follows a description of the remaining elements:

®       Position. This slider control shows the progress as the file is being played. When the player is stopped or paused this slider can be set manually to indicate the position within the file where the playing will start or resume.

®       Play. This button initiates or resumes the playing process.

®       Pause. This button allows you to temporarily suspend the playing process.

®       Stop. This button stops the playing process.

®       Status. This field shows you the status of the player plus the time already played versus the total plying time.

®       Help. This button shows you the file that you are now reading.

®       Close. This button closes the Player Dialog and returns you to the Main Window.



The Lyrics Window

When KarVCD is playing a file and it has access to the lyrics corresponding to that file, it will show you the lyrics in a window. You can choose between a normal window and full screen. The normal window looks like this:

The full window has the same elements in the client area but doesnít have a title bar or borders.

The lyrics window has four lines of text. The text is initially shown in white characters. As the music corresponding to a word or syllable is played, that word or syllable is shown in red. When all the words in a line are red, playing starts at the next line.

Playing starts at the third line of text. As that line of text is completed, playing resumes at the fourth line. At the end of that line, playing continues at the first line, after which it continues on the second line, and so on.

At the transition from line 3 to 4, if the first and second lines have already been played, they will be updated with the new words that follow the fourth line. Similarly, during the transition from line 1 to line 2, the third and fourth lines will be updated with new text.

Whenever there is a part of a song that is purely instrumental, the window will show a delay bar instead of the first and second lines of text. The third and forth lines will show the text that follows the instrumental. The delay bar shows in a continuous way how much time there is before the end of the instrumental: Initially the delay bar is all white; as the instrumental progresses, part of the delay bar will be painted red; when all of the delay bar is red, the instrumental is ending.

The lyrics window, when not in full-screen mode, is resizable to any dimensions that you want. As you resize the window, the text will be resized accordingly. If a line of text doesnít fit in the window, the text will scroll horizontally, as each word is being played.



The operation of the Player is very simple: You select the file to play, choose the type of lyrics window you want and hit Play.

You can start playing the file from the beginning or at a specified location. You do that by adjusting the slider bar.

You can pause the playing at any time by hitting Pause. You can then resume the playing with Play or stop it altogether with Stop. While in the pause state you can adjust the slider bar to resume playing at another location.

The Player will work with the files that were selected in the main window. You can also load new files in the Player tool. In that case, the main window will reflect that fact. You can also select files by dragging them with the mouse from the Windows Explorer to the player window.

The Player will use the hardware device selected in the Options Dialog which is appropriate for the type of file being played: For WAVE files it will use the Wave output device, for MIDI/KAR files will use the MIDI output device. This allows you to use any Windows defined device, internal or external.

Whenever you play a KAR file with embedded lyrics, the Player can show you the lyrics in the Lyrics window. You can choose between a normal window and full screen. You can also disable the Lyrics window altogether.

When you play a WAVE file and there is a KAR file loaded as well, the Player assumes that the WAVE file corresponds to the rendering of the KAR file and shows you the lyrics just like when you play the KAR file.

When the lyrics window is showing, normal or full-screen, hitting any keyboard key will cause the window to be closed and the playing to stop.



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