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This is the help page for the MP3 converter tool, which is part of the KarVCD toolset. The purpose of this tool is to convert WAVE files to MP3 and vice-versa.

The MP3 Converter Dialog



The MP3 Converter Dialog

Let us take a look at the MP3 converter window fields and buttons:

At the top of the MP3 converter dialog there is the Files group of controls. In this group there are two identical sets of controls, one for the input file and another for the output. Each set has the following elements:

       File name. This field shows the file name.

       Browse. This button lets you select another file.

Follows a description of the remaining elements:

       Progress bar. This control shows the progress as the file is being converted.

       Convert. This button initiates the conversion process.

       Abort. This button stops the conversion or playing process.

       Play. This button lets you hear the output file that was created during the conversion process.

       Status. This field shows you the time already converted versus the total time.

       Help. This button shows you the file that you are now reading.

       Close. This button closes the MP3 Converter Dialog and returns you to the Main Window.



The operation of the MIDI converter is straightforward: You select the input and output files and hit Convert. The type of conversion is inferred from the types of the input and output files: If the input is a WAVE file and the output is an MP3 file, the conversion is WAVE->MP3; otherwise, if the input is an MP3 file and the output is a WAVE file, the conversion is MP3-> WAVE. Therefore it is important that the files have the correct extensions, which define their type.

When you hit the Play button to hear the result of the conversion, if the output is a WAVE file, the program will play the file in its own window; if the output is an MP3 file, the program will use whichever external player is defined for MP3 files.

When you close the MP3 Converter Dialog with the Close button, if the output is a WAVE file, the program will set the output file as the WAVE file in the main window. Before doing this, the program makes sure that the output file does in fact exist.



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